Introducing: #NowPlaying

#NowPlaying is a Twitter-based service that extends your radio station's brand through the use of carefully curated On Air content, pushed automatically to any Twitter account(s) you choose.

Create a new Twitter feed or enhance an existing one to use customized content that engages your listeners with the artists and brands they love.

Evolve the way you use social media-- with ease.

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#NowPlaying Features

On Air-- Every time a music event plays on your radio station, send it seemlessly to the Twitter account of your choice. Create an ever-updating playlist for your listeners to engage with.

Next Up-- Promote the upcoming artist to be played live on the air using #NowPlaying's Next Up feature.

iTunes Purchase Links-- Give your listeners instant access to purchase the songs they love with our iTunes Purchase Links. Monetize this revenue stream by becoming an iTunes affiliate, too!

Promotional Tweets-- Schedule automated promotional messages tied to On Air activity that will be sent out to all your followers.

Ad-Sponsored Tweets-- Monetize ad-space on your Twitter feed by using #NowPlaying's Sponsored Tweet feature. Discover new channels of advertising revenue with this innovative feature!

“When I was approached by Shape Social to utilize Jump2Go's JumpGate as the proprietary platform for their technologies, I was thrilled. #NowPlaying is a huge leap forward in radio marketing innovation."

Allen Hartle
Founder, Jump2Go

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Unleash the power of social radio, Twitter-style.

Shape Social provides innovative solutions at the intersection of broadcast media and social media. We bring the world of radio automation to social platforms through our web technologies.  

#NowPlaying is the most recent release in a series of upcoming products Shape Social is currently RnD'ing.

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